I’m dying for you. I’m bleeding into your mouth, you bastard vampires. What more can I do? How many more veins, how much more pain, do you require? I’ve screamed all you’ve wanted, And I’ve coughed you up all the meat you can eat. But I suppose misery’s not enough. I suppose you need more, … Continue reading Dying


I’m not quite sure what life has become the longer I’ve lived it. There are all the words I can use to describe it: complicated; senseless; painful; hard; and at the end of the day, just goddamn tiring. But I’m not quite sure I know what it really is anymore. I know it’s always been … Continue reading Tired


I will be making a post today, but it will be later than usual. By today, I mean August 1st. I just need more time to edit it. I know this site has little traffic (at least at the moment), but if anyone does care, there will be a more "substantive" post later.


This is a short fiction piece. Granted, it's a bit long for a blog (roughly 6 single-spaced pages), but it wouldn't make sense to break it up. Not every element of it is stellar, but I was mostly just playing around with a few different devices. It should be of decent quality, and, at the very least, it should be entertaining.