All I Know

When I see you, I feel we’ve been forgotten,

Like the world has gone by,

And taken all the pain and misery with it,

Like we were left alone, together, behind,

And all I never could have dreamed in a million years,

Fills my soul in a moment,

From laughter and hopes to tears and fears,

But only for a moment.

And then, as it quickly as came, it leaves.

My palms dry,

My heart resumes a resting beat,

And I force a strained goodbye.

And I go home.

And I try to forget.

But I know,

And I cannot forget,

And I remember,

The feel of your hand when it brushed mine for less than an instant,

The sound of your voice when your laugh sang sweet contentment,

The look of your eyes when they said enough,

The sway of your body when it spelled you too had fallen in love.

And now, as I lay awake in rage at the cruelty of the world,

That it might one day take you away,

That no matter how much I love, how much I make myself yours,

I may wake up cold, empty, and alone some day,

With nothing left but pain and time,

In a world abandoned by reason and rhyme,

Where the sun sets at noon,

And I howl for the moon,

But the sky is a red, dying black,

And nothing remains but your lack.

But I will never let go,

Even if I know,

That the fiercer I fight,

The darker the night,

Because, even if I don’t know what to do,

All I do know is you.

All I do know is you.

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