When will we see that knight in shining armor did not come to save,

But to enslave,

To fill us with pride, bloat us with ego and blind us with buzzes and whirs and flashes,

And burn us to ashes,

To sell lies of brighter tomorrows at the cost of our eyes,

And still darken the skies?

When will the damage be undone,

Or is the battle lost and won?

Even now, these feel like insane ravings,

But is it me, or is there sanity left in anything?

Someday, we will see what we’ve done,

That we’ve swallowed the barrel of the gun,

That we’ve buried our heads in the sand,

So we can start stopping to pretend,

And actually believe,

The lies we breed,

So that we can begin,

To make virtues of sin,

Call disease medicine,

And finally give in,

To the sickness we don’t harbor,

But the sickness we are,

See that today didn’t make us,

And that it took nothing to break us,

That we were flawed from the start,

And poisoned at the heart,

To strive and reach and yearn,

Until we crash into the sun and burn

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