Good Enough

I’ve been hurt.

I didn’t know it when it happened,

But now it’s clear.

It was slow at first.

It started with trying to make someone happy,

But then it led here.

The first trespasses were nothing at all,

Subtle hints and gestures that could mean

A million different things,

But I let it drag on far too long,

And the cub grew into a gluttonous beast,

That ate my heart and broke my wings.

Before her, I believed in so much,

That love could be shown by a gentle touch,

That no one would break an open heart,

That all love needed was to start.

But I should have known better.

I should have known people better,

Than to believe that love would come back around,

That giving would get me anywhere but in the ground,

And for the longest time, i did what i’m doing now,

Blamed myself and made excuses for how,

She took all i had, but withheld care and trust,

How She took all i had but said it was never enough,

But I am enough.

I waited for her hand and foot,

Opened every door,

Slayed every dragon,

Served every whim,

Wiped every tear from her eye, carried every burden on My back, fought her fights, softened My voice, did everything I could, took all her hate and felt none of her love,

I am enough,

And it’s enough that I am Me.

But I need to relax.

I am not special,

I am not great,

But I am sure as hell not second rate.

I’m done being afraid.

I’m done letting her win.

I’m not just going to fade

Out or blow away in the wind.

To me, loving will never be a lost art,

Because, despite her best efforts, there is still love in my heart.

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