Learning to Sing

The storms don’t quiet.

The thunders never hush.

There is no silence,

And soft-spoken words never count for much.

Sure you may start,

In the lonely dark,

But you will not sing,

Your words will not ring,

Until you let it out,

Until your song is a shout.

No, there is no rule,

No one to quiet the crowds,

And you’re a fool,

If you don’t try to talk out loud.

Don’t wait,

Don’t hesitate,

Don’t let the cacophony of life drown you out,

Don’t let the roars of the wind push you down.

Scream, shout,

Just let it out.

So what if the notes,

Are out of key?

Open your goddamn throat,

And let the whole world believe,

That the pain in you is real,

That your broken voice is what you feel,

That come hell or highwater,

You’ll just shout out harder.

Don’t waste time waiting the white noise out,

And just open your mouth.

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