This blog is officially adopting the policy of its name. As I am now starting a new novel which will demand most of my attention in writing, my posts on this blog will diminish considerably. I’ve written and even had books published before, and I know that the way in which they are written demands a great deal of focus and attention not diverted to other projects. If you are one of my fairly consistent viewers and you enjoy my content, fear not: I will make sparse posts of poetry or possibly even little snippets of the novel. I anticipate it will take a few months, since this is not my “real job” and I’m still in school, but semi-regular posts will return once I’m finished with it. I’m also considering bringing other writers onto the site. Most of them will probably have never been published before, but if I think their work is of substance, I’ll let them post it here.

My offer for advice or help on the “Contact” still stands. I’m not so busy that I can’t be contacted (though no one ever has, but still, I want people to have the option).



Wolfgang Jakubowski

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