I’m trying to scream,

But it doesn’t seem,

To matter how much pain,

It feels silent just the same.

It’s not that it falls on deaf ears,

But that it doesn’t sound like the tears.

I’m trying to scream,

Trying to speak,

And the words come out,

Soul-shattering loud,

But who cares what you hear,

If it’s not what I feel?

I’m trying to scream,

But not even a whisper it seems,

Is leaving my lips,

Of the empty pit,

Of the screams I hear within,

Or the silences so deafening,

The emptiness inside my soul pulling me to nowhere,

Ripping me to nothing,

That dragged me down from floating in midair,

And is now crushing,

The life out of me,

Becoming all I see.

I’m trying to scream,

And I can scream,

But it’s not the right words,

So I suppose it’s just absurd.

I can feel it rubbing my throat raw,

I can feel the real pain scratch and claw,

But the barrier must be too strong,

Because it’s been far too long.

I just can’t seem,

To find the right scream.

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