I Know

I know,

I know how you feel.

I know that you think,

Pain is all that’s real.

Oh, I know.

And I know,

That you really believe,

That hope isn’t free,

And I might agree.

Believe me, I know.

I know,

You don’t trust anyone anymore,

I know how much the pain of the past hurts,

I’ve felt that sting before.

Trust me, I know.

But she’s a good one, I can tell.

You’ve gotta give her a chance.

I know you’re scared as hell,

As she gets more than just a passing glance,

But trust me, my friend,

She’s not gonna hurt you.

You can depend,

On her to soothe your heart’s wounds.

And I know,

You don’t want it to be all for nothing,

But you’ve got to give her your all,

Or you will be left with nothing.

I’ve lived enough to know.

She’s what you need,

What you need in your life,

Won’t scream when you bleed,

Your heart out to her at night.

Yes, I know.

She’s the one for you,

But you’ve gotta be good for her,

So love her, whatever you do,

Because your life rests in her.

I know,

You would spend your days,

Rotting in isolation,

Hiding from all the sun’s rays,

Believe me, I know,

But let her tear that nightmare apart,

Let her beat back the demons,

And beat herself into your heart,

And show you the beauty of freedom.

Listen to me because, Oh,

I know.

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