I’m trying to scream, But it doesn’t seem, To matter how much pain, It feels silent just the same. It’s not that it falls on deaf ears, But that it doesn’t sound like the tears. I’m trying to scream, Trying to speak, And the words come out, Soul-shattering loud, But who cares what you hear, … Continue reading Scream


I’m dying for you. I’m bleeding into your mouth, you bastard vampires. What more can I do? How many more veins, how much more pain, do you require? I’ve screamed all you’ve wanted, And I’ve coughed you up all the meat you can eat. But I suppose misery’s not enough. I suppose you need more, … Continue reading Dying


I’m not quite sure what life has become the longer I’ve lived it. There are all the words I can use to describe it: complicated; senseless; painful; hard; and at the end of the day, just goddamn tiring. But I’m not quite sure I know what it really is anymore. I know it’s always been … Continue reading Tired